How to Beat the Patriots

Game plan for the Jets to beat the Patriots - Bully Brady
After a stunning New York Jets win yesterday against the Indianapolis Colts, Gang Green moves to 3-3 on the season and sets the team up for a huge match-up with the New England Patriots this coming Sunday. The New England Patriots like the Jets are 3-3. For that matter the entire division is tied at 3-3.
To quote the coach, Rex Ryan says after the win, "We're tied for first in our division. "We're also tied for last." Right now every team in AFC East is feisty. The Jets have advantage of being 2-0 in the AFC East division already, makes the upcoming 2 games that much more important.
When the Jets put it all together they look to be pretty dominant sans Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes. Question is, can they do it vs nfl elite? And in week 7 the Jets will travel to Foxboro to meet up with their rival the New England Patriots.
I say the only way to beat the Patriots is to hit Brady and hit him often. Make him eat turf. Disrupt his timing, disrupt his rhythm.
Game plan ---> Bully Brady.
The key to the Jets beating the Patriots is to beat him down and take his game away.

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