My 60daychallenge In Summary

Here is a concise summary of 30 articles that I have written for the 60 day challenge I have been participating in. I have see other challenges, where the participants take on writing 30 articles in 30 days, but in this challenge there are 2 phases. The first phase we were to write 30 different articles in the first 30 days. The guideline was that they had to be within a limited number of themes. To be more precise we were to select a minimum of 6 broad topics and a maximum of 10 topics that these articles fit into.
My topics include:
Beauty and Skincare
Health and Wellness
Knowledge and Education
Science - Experiments for Kids
Sports and Recreation (Lots of Football in this category:)
Inspirational Quotes
Politics and Currents Events - Including the plight of the 3 American Hikers - Sarah Shroud, Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer

Summaries of My 60daychallenge

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