The Latest Fashion Trend Is “The Miracle Dress”

Takes 10 Pounds Off Instantly
Hard to believe but here is a dress for all women who want to look 10 pounds thinner in an instant.

Thats right this is a Dress that is truly a miracle!

We saw it right in front of our eyes this past September. Actress Kate Winslet was at the Venice Film Festival Awards as she was there for her award winning performance "Mildred Pierce" and she was stunning in her Stella McCartney Octavia dress. Curve hugging in black and white this dress or one just like it is a must have go to dress.

This miracle dress is somewhat of an “optical illusion” as color blocks are used to make the waist look narrow as well as elongating the torso all elements in making the wearer appear roughly two sizes smaller.

Read more about the Miracle Must Have Dress and how you can get your hands on one that is no where near the $1500 models from Stella McCartney;

The Miracle Dress

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