The NFL Hottest Hunks

The NFL Best Eye Candy
NFL Hottie Mark Sanchez - NY Jets QuarterBack
Most females do not understand the attraction that men have to the game of football. Its understandable as girls rarely ever play the sport. What ever it was that attracted me to watching 11 men line up and toss the ball up and down the 50 yard line today I want to share with you a few reasons more women should be tuning in to this game.
If the game of inches isnt for you maybe you should look again. As this is one sport that has some of the best eye candy, hunkiest of hunks and down right good looking men.
Take one look at the Quarter Back of the New York Jets. With his GQ good looks, Mark Sanchez has all the essential elements of being the hottest hunk in football. Handsome is just where it begins, as he has talent, smarts and irresistible charisma making this guy a really good reason to tune in to the NFL on Sunday afternoons.

Darelle Revis New York Jets Eye Candy
New York Jets One Hot Team

Sanchez isnt the only good looker on the New York Jets team. Cornerback and hottie Darelle Revis has an island all his own. When talking to your guy about Revis make sure to mention you know about his island but dont worry yourself with this shut down corners stats. All you need to know he is one piece of eye candy you dont want to miss.

Next up you may think I will talk about Tom Brady. Wrong. Most think he is the most elite QB in the league but as a die hard NYJ fan the team Brady plays for in my book is the evil empire, otherwise known as the New England Patriots.

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