Rainy Day Fashion

The forecast calls for heavy rain, dark clouds and exceptional style. Don't let rainy days get you down when you can keep your feet warm and dry in these cute and comfortable rainboots.
Fun and practical, you can find boots with whimsical patterns and prints. Or maybe butterflies, polka dots or ladybugs are your things. Rainboots adorning all these fun patterns are the latest rendition of what used to be a very basic women’s rubber rain boot. The bold colors make the boots spring to life and make a very cool fashion statement.

You can find a pair in any price range, with a heels without a heel. Booties, cowboy boots, sneaker like, you name it and that rain boot or boots are out there waiting for you to make a real splash this Spring!

How about making a statement in a Poncho. There are a great way to play it safe and always have one stashed away in your desk drawer or in a corner of your car. Great also when traveling and when it is packed up in its pouch you can even substitute it for a makeshift pillow!

Another must have is the clear umbrella. Not only will it show off your cute outfit but you can really see where you are going, So many trims available.

Read more about all the colorful waterproof fashionable rain gear and where to get it.

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